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Many modern vehicles have aluminum parts and body panels. It is widely used in vehicle manufacturing to provide a solid material that is light weight. However, aluminum does not have the same moldable properties of other metals. Aluminum can actually stretch when manipulated. Aluminum repair is vastly different from traditional body panels.

As vehicles evolve, we are starting to see the use of different materials. One of the more widely adopted metals used in vehicles is aluminum and aluminum alloys. Aluminum provides structural rigidity and strength but without the extra weight of other metals. Lighter weight leads to better fuel efficiency, faster acceleration, better braking and more responsive handling.

 Our technicians recognize that aluminum doesn’t have the same moldable properties that steel does. Aluminum is also much stronger and weighs less than steel and lacks memory . These are some of the key reasons aluminum body panels require more attentive care than steel body panels do. Once an aluminum panel is bent or hail damaged, it takes aluminum specific tools in order to extract the dents and reshape your vehicle’s exterior body panels. That’s why US Hail Repair has equipped our technicians with specialized tools, training and the knowledge to understand these discrepancies and transform your vehicle’s aluminum body panels back to its pre-storm condition.

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